42a Gloucester Road, Almondsbury

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To create a high end sustainable development that included 4 new contemporary, light and airy 5-bedroom dwellings and the upgrade of an existing bungalow.


The architects chose to depart from the rigid geometry of the nearby suburban homes, placing the houses in alignment with the existing bungalow along a gently radiating layout that followed the arc of the sun. The contemporary design features a bold wrap-around tiled roof that merges the external terrace, wall and roof into a single form. The predominance of glazing to the south facing elevation maximises passive solar gain, whilst brick and render finishes create a much more solid appearance to the north elevation. To reinforce the contemporary appearance, the architects chose to match the blue of the roof tiles with blue Ibstock Tilebrick for the main external walls, visually tying wall and roof together in a seemingly continuous material and form.