Aperture House, 

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Sitting on a traditional Victorian streetscape in Islington, Aperture House is an eye-catching property with a dramatic design, fusing heritage with cutting-edge brick innovation.

Occupying a site that was formerly occupied by a domestic garage, Aperture House is enclosed by brick walls along three quarters of its boundary, dating from a variety of eras. The ground floor, which encompasses two courtyards, is mostly hidden from the street, while the façade of the top floor is visible at street level. It was crucial, therefore, that the bricks specified were respectful of the street’s wider vernacular.


Ibstock’s Funton Old Chelsea Yellow brick is used to great effect to complement the existing, predominantly yellow brick of the street. Featuring a traditional brick bond intended to mimic the Flemish bonding of the older houses of the street, the perforated brickwork and set back glazing is designed to give a layering to the façade and a level of detail similar to its neighbouring structures, but by recessing rather than projecting from the main façade line.