Ash Gardens, Northamptonshire

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Develop inspirational and contemporary house designs for the Ash Gardens development, a major new residential scheme featuring 3, 4, and 5-bedroom houses in conjunction with Redrow.


Impressive use of contemporary brickwork and meticulous brick detailing have characterised numerous previous projects by prominent developer Redrow plc – and so it has also proven to be the case with a major new residential scheme in Northamptonshire. Featuring 3, 4, and 5-bedroom houses, Ash Gardens, Burcote Park, is set in an idyllic location just outside the historic Roman market town of Towcester.

Stone cills, timber lintels, heather roof tiles, and stone or brick topped with natural slate are among the defining features of the Ash Gardens development, which according to Redrow was devised with an understanding of ‘the dynamics of family life’. The choice of materials is also sympathetic to the 59 acres of gorgeous Edwardian parkland which surround the new houses.

Drawing attention to the specification of high-quality building materials that is expressly stated throughout the original planning documents, a Redrow representative says that the company strives “to use materials that are not only in keeping with the area, but are from accredited sources. Design has always been important to us at Redrow and all our homes are designed to be traditional on the outside.”

In the case of the Ash Gardens development, Redrow utilised the colour palette of its Heritage Collection group of designs. The ‘classic soft’ palette of this collection is inspired by that of traditional homes built during the Arts and Crafts era of the early 20th century. A movement that emphasised traditional craftsmanship through the application of simple forms and ‘folk’ or romantic styles of decoration, Arts and Crafts was heavily influenced by the ideas of designer William Morris, architect Augustus Pugin and writer John Ruskin.

At Ash Gardens, this inspiration has been translated into multiple developments of nine specific house designs to date. Along with distinguishing features such as dropped eaves, timber or tiled canopies, and lap larch boarding, each house-type in the collection can be realised with rough cast rendered and brick elevation versions.

Helping to realise these ambitious designs are five distinct types of brick drawn from a leading supplier that has enjoyed a long association with Redrow. These include a red brick with a sand-faced texture; a machine-made stock brick that is buff in colour with a light texture; two different types of machine-made stock brick that are red in colour with light textures; and a water-struck/slop mould brick that is red in colour with a light texture.

With properties now available and drawing considerable interest from the nearby area and further afield, the Redrow representative sums up the Ash Gardens development as offering “the familiar look and external character of older period-style properties but everything is brand new.