Brick Oven and Courtyard area, Buttle Farm, Wiltshire

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To create a courtyard area with feature 8 foot high brick oven, based on 2000 year old Roman design principles, in a converted silage clamp alongside refurbished farm buildings at Buttle Farm.


To reflect the Victorian style of the refurbished buildings and meet the structural requirements of the Roman style wood fired oven, the roof and hearth area incorporated a semi-arched design, reminiscent of typical Victorian brick arches, which contrasted with bull-nose blue bricks to the oven opening. Ibstock worked closely with the client to create a special Swanage Handmade Imperial brick that gave the required mixture of red hues to blend with the surrounding Victorian brickwork, and complemented these with Slate Blue Smooth bullnose bricks to match their contrasting restored blue slate roofs. A combination of Stretcher and Flemish bonding reflected the main farmhouse style. Throughout the terrace and courtyard area, the same bricks were topped with the blue bullnose to co-ordinate the scheme, while Victorian cattle pavers, originally manufactured at Ibstock’s nearby Cattybrook brickworks and reclaimed during the conversion, were used to pave the entry to the outdoor kitchen.