Elmington Green, Camberwell

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A stylish and contemporary development in fashionable Camberwell, this eye-catching project also reflects the area’s Victorian heritage in a congruous and creative manner.

Elmington Green is a stunning urban development by renowned builders Bellway. It lies in the well-known district of Camberwell, an effervescent area just three miles from the West End.

The development will ultimately boast 250 units: one, two, and three bedroom apartments, three bedroom duplexes, and three / four bedroom town houses. Buyers are attracted by the area’s transport links and thriving art and music scene – all of which contribute to Camberwell’s coveted ‘up-and-coming’ tag.

For years, the district was known for its sense of faded grandeur; a consequence, perhaps, of being located next-door to affluent Dulwich. Thanks to the Camberwell regeneration programme, however, things have starting to look up. The Elmington Green development builds on this renewal and revival of the area.


This impressive development is split into three parts. Each location has its own identity while clearly remaining part of a coherent whole. Phase two continues where phase one left off: by delivering urban luxury and style in contemporary buildings that have a distinct visual appeal.

Stunning brickwork is central to the development’s aesthetic impact. The bricks were chosen for their visual appearance as well as their quality and durability. Indeed, it is the bricks that create the contrasting textured patterns that distinguish different parts of the development.

The development’s signature characteristic is the number of elevations constructed from bricks with their top corner cut out. Solid Birtley Olde English Buff bricks from Ibstock were selected for the task because they lack either a frog or perforations. This ensured a consistent cut and therefore a consistent appearance across the Elmington Green scheme. Smoother walls constructed of Ibstock Ivanhoe Cream Original bricks provide the necessary aesthetic contrast.

Despite this stylish modern look, Elmington Green phase two (like the first phase) still retains the essence of Camberwell. The project’s architects Shepheard Epstein Hunter described the design concept as “a modern, contemporary interpretation of a Camberwell home” that was inspired by Victorian tiles. One of the ways it taps into the past is by featuring a combination of brushed metal features used in balconies, hallways, and pathways.

This characterful blend of old and new – of traditional Camberwell with a modern urban grain – has created one of the area’s standout architectural streetscapes. The development has therefore added to the area’s character and is playing an important role in the district’s rejuvenation.