The Bath House, Barking, Essex

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To create a vibrant, diverse, high quality mixed retail and residential building that displays its own distinct style, whilst sitting comfortably within the existing wider context of Barking Town Centre.


The building comprises eight residential storeys set atop ground floor retail units, with upper storeys pushed out to the front elevation to form a covered walkway for the retail areas, and set back to the rear to maintain the street edge. Polyester coated steel balconies, in colours inspired by the changing leaf tones of the central arboretum, cross the long elevations, whilst the ends reflect the same palette of colours picked out in glazed tiles. Brick was chosen for the long elevations to link to the existing brick context of the Magistrates Court and Town Hall, and to counter the large module smooth panels used on the earlier phase. To introduce texture and pattern to the otherwise smooth Cheddar Brown brickwork, and give a crisp, modern appearance to the building, a single cant has been incorporated at every fourth brick in each course. The brickwork returns at each building end to frame the recessed balconies, with Ibstock creating a special brick to accommodate the building angles.