Eco Habitats…for Bats

In the UK there are 17 species of bats, all of which are protected by law. Our range of bat boxes helps to encourage safe habitats for these remarkable mammals, allowing them to live in harmony with people.

ibstock brick free access bat box

Bat Box A

Free Access Bat Box A

  • Available in all brick types
  • Discrete single bat brick
  • Easy to install
  • Allows bats to create a natural home habitat within the cavity of the building

Enclosed Bat Box (B and C)

  • Designed specifically for the pipistrelle bat
  • Box B available in all brick types
  • Box C available in smooth blue, smooth buff & smooth red
  • Discrete home for bats
  • Various sizes
  • Several roosting zones are created inside the box
  • Bats are contained within the bat box itself
  • Maintenance free with entrance at the base
  • Ideal for new build & conservation work

ibstock brick enclosed bat box

Bat Box B

ibstock brick enclosed bat box c

Bat Box C

Eco Habitats for Bats Sizes (mm) Durability
Bat Box Type A 215 x 65 F2 S2 – Fully Frost Resistant
Bat Box Type B 215 x 215 or 215 x 290 F2 S2 – Fully Frost Resistant
Bat Box Type C 215 x 215 or 215 x 290 F2 S2 – Fully Frost Resistant

Eco Habitats for swifts

ibstock brick swift box

Swift Box

Swifts come to the UK for just months each summer from Central and Southern Africa. Despite legal protection their numbers are declining. Since Roman times they have been at home in traditional man-made buildings. However they find it increasingly difficult to find nest sites in modern or refurbished buildings due to the effective sealing of the eaves.

  • Designed with the needs of the swift in mind
  • Available in Smooth Blue, Smooth Cream and Smooth Red
  • Discrete nesting box for location near eaves
  • Ideal for new build and conservation work
Size (Width x Depth x Height) (mm) Total System Weight (kg) Durability
327 x 140 x 140 4.5 Frost Resistant

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Coolvault®…add thermal mass where it matters

For attractive ceilings with an environmental benefit

Natural clay has great thermal mass properties. It absorbs excess heat in hot conditions and releases it gradually as temperatures fall, helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

  • Manufactured in the UK using over 90% recycled clay.
  • Adds thermal mass to even lightweight construction.
  • Suited for use with underfloor heating systems.
  • Can help reduce the amount of conventional heating or cooling that a building may require.
  • Available in natural cream or terracotta; the naturally C reflective surface requires no decoration.

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ibstock brick coolvault

Ecoterre® Earth Bricks…for internal non load bearing applications

A range of unfired clay bricks suitable for most internal non load-bearing applications. Unfired brickwork can be finished with a variety of materials including clay and lime plasters, clay boards, some paints and limewashes, making it an attractive addition to any building.

  • When incorporated into a building, it will help provide thermal mass and acoustic insulation, inhibit condensation and regulate the relative humidity of the atmosphere.
  • Excellent sustainability credentials including; low energy input, very low waste and high recyclability.
  • Available in two sizes with the option of a smooth finish.
  • Excellent bond properties with appropriate plaster or mortar.
  • Long life – potentially centuries if the correct care is given.
  • Allows customers to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

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Standard Unit


Large Unit

Ecoterre Code Size(mm) Configuration Compressive
Strength (N/mm2)
Dry Weight
/unit (kg)
Density (kg/m3)
Standard EB3590 220x105x67 Vertically Perforated 3.8 3 1940
Large EC3590 221x105x133 Vertically Perforated 2.9 6 1940

Brick Quantities (per m2)

(10mm joints have been used in all calculations)

Ecoterre Standard Ecoterre Large
Stretcher Bond – Single Skin Thickness (105mm) 57 31
English Bond- Double Skin Thickness (220mm) 113 61
Header Bond on Edge – Double Skin Thickness (220mm) 61

Handling & Storage

Only forks should be used to unload the pallets and the movement of unfired clay bricks should be kept to a minimum. Store in the dry on the original pallet and ventilate to avoid condensation. They should be stacked no more than two packs high.


It is recommended that moderately hydraulic lime mortar should be used to lay the bricks. Alternatively clay mortars are available.


Unfired clay brickwork can be finished with a variety of breathable materials including clay and lime plasters, clay boards, some paints and limewashes. Only highly vapour permeable paints should be used.


Unfired clay bricks will generally only require standard fixings for secondary works, such as plumbing, electrics and joinery. Ordinary masonry plugs and screws are suitable for most applications – a list of approved products is available below:

Material Suppliers

Clay/Lime Mortars

Clay Mortar Lime Mortar
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Clay Plasters

Claytec Undercoat
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Claytec Top Coat
Natural Building Technologies Ltd Earthborn Paints
Claytec Top Coat
Natural Building Technologies Ltd Earthborn Paints

Clay Paint


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