5 minutes with…Design Technician, Joshua Cox

Josh Cox, Design Technician for IbstockJosh Cox, Design Technician

Design Technician, Joshua Cox, tells us about MechSlip, a new innovative cladding system recently launched by Ibstock Kevington.

What is MechSlip?

It’s a new lightweight, mechanically fixed cladding system that we developed in conjunction with Ash & Lacy, a company
that specialises in metal fabrication and cladding systems.

What was behind the original idea for MechSlip?

It originally came from the renovation market and the idea that older, medium to high-rise types of buildings could be cladded and insulated from the outside rather than from the inside where you would lose space inside the room. These types of external cladding systems have been around for a while but we wanted to see if we could supply the market, predominantly architects and specifiers, with a more cost-effective and safer solution and one that allowed them to use authentic brick with the versatility of a fully mechanically fixed cladding system.

How does MechSlip work?

It works by allowing brick slips (a much slimmer, lightweight version of a standard sized brick) to be slotted into horizontal metal rails that are mechanically fixed to the existing building structure at different heights depending on what’s required. The vast majority of stock, wire cut and waterstruck brick slips can be used and can be arranged in different patterns. The mortar is then applied using a mortar gun.

What’s unique about it?

MechSlip is an innovative new mechanically fixed brick slip cladding system that contains no combustible parts. The cladding system used on the tower building at Grenfell for example, had combustible insulation which was largely responsible for the tragic events that happened there.

MechSlip also meets many of the challenges faced by contractors and specifiers today. For example, installation is possible from mast climbers rather than using scaffolding which removes the associated costs. And because it’s relatively straightforward to install, it can also reduce contractors’ reliance on skilled trades; skills shortages are a known issue in the construction industry so this will bring many commercial advantages to installers.

Find out more about Mechslip here.