Apprentice of the Year 2017

Ibstock Brick apprentice of the year 2017Apprentice of the year 2017 – Ben Lumsden

Now in its fifth year, the Apprentice of the Year scheme is an opportunity to celebrate exceptional performance.

In 2012, it was recognised that we needed people ready to meet the ever increasing technical expertise and skills to manufacture our products. The apprenticeship scheme was redeveloped to create a pool of engineering and technical specialists, who in the future would help drive forward innovation and manufacturing excellence.

In a mixture of both classroom and practical learning, graduates of the apprenticeship scheme achieve externally recognised academic and vocational qualifications. This year’s award went to Ben Lumsden, an Engineering Apprentice at the Throckley factory, who thoroughly
impressed the interview panel with his confidence, planning skills, academic achievement and practical application of his skills at Throckley.

Ben has donated his money to the Royal Victoria Infirmary Bowel Cancer ward in Newcastle upon Tyne, where Ben’s Grandad was treated following a Bowel Cancer diagnoses at the age of 82. Due to the knowledge and dedication of the doctors and nurses he was able to get a life-saving operation very quickly and now lives a normal life.

Find out more about our Apprenticeship Scheme here.

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