Ibstock shows support for customers at January conferences

Ibstock at Travis Perkins Conference 2020Ibstock at Travis Perkins Conference 2020

January has been a busy month for many of our customers. Several of them have been hosting major business conferences, which helps promote their wide-array of products and services. These are significant events for many companies, and can be a major factor in determining annual sales figures.

Because of this, Ibstock Brick are proud to have showcased many of our high-quality products across a variety of conferences this past month. We always look forward to these events as they’re a great opportunity to help out the companies that are in turn supporting our extensive range of bricks. On top of this, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with our customers face-to-face, which always gives us crucial insight and helps improve business relations. Being able to see all the other excellent products different firms are bringing to the construction market is an additional bonus!

The conferences in January 2020 that we’ve had the privilege to attend and support include:

  • The Selco conference – 9th Jan
  • The Build base conference – 13th-14th Jan
  • The Taylor Maxwell conference – 21st-22nd Jan
  • The Travis Perkins conference – 27th-31st Jan
Ibstock at Travis Perkins Conference 2020

Ibstock at Travis Perkins Conference 2020

Ibstock at Selco Conference 2020

Ibstock at Selco Conference 2020

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