This is the modern world

The latest edition of Ibstock’s industry-leading ‘Design’ magazine is now available, showcasing the wide variety of stunning architectural visual effects achievable by using modern brick textures and bonds.

The new issue offers a comprehensive overview of how Ibstock’s technical and design experts – working in conjunction with architects – have helped create striking building exteriors through the use of varied brick textures and innovative bonding techniques, producing outstanding and award-winning results.

Public projects as diverse as Reading Station and Loughborough College, as well as numerous private commissions, are just a few of the many noteworthy architectural examples covered, where the imaginative use of brick detail has enhanced the overall visual appeal of the structure.

A number of inspirational design solutions are highlighted, including: bonding possibilities to create distinctive brickwork design, recessed and projecting brickwork to deliver interesting design effects, and pattern and lettering designs courtesy of state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technology that now enables brickwork to be precisely cut and detailed before delivery to site.

Andrew Halstead-Smith, Group Marketing Manager at Ibstock, comments: “The latest issue of ‘Design’ responds to the continued demand from architects to set their designs apart, by illustrating how brick and its wide variety of texture and bonding can help them achieve this. The superb examples demonstrate how memorable and notable buildings from both the public and private sectors have used modern brick visual effects and they showcase the infinite options of finishes, textures and bonding patterns now available.

“While brick has, for centuries, provided the traditional cladding for the UK’s buildings, the ability to move with the times and embrace changing trends and styles has meant it remains the construction material of choice. As today’s architects demand more to satisfy their design aspirations, so the brick industry must respond. The examples encapsulated in the latest edition of ‘Design’ aptly show how the adaptive use of brick is helping architects achieve their ambitions, and as a consequence brick continues to make a significant contribution to the creation of a portfolio of visually impactful and impressive buildings across the UK.”

To obtain the latest issue of Design or find out more about the range of bricks available, visit our website here